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Basics Dog Harness

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Size chart

How to Measure Your Dog Harness Size with PAWSQUAD

Before you begin, ensure you have a measuring tape and that your dog is standing upright and relaxed. Take the following steps to accurately measure your dog's harness size:

Neck and Collar Measurement:
  • Place the measuring tape around your dog's collar bone where the collar would normally sit.
  • Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight
  • Ensure you can comfortably fit two fingers between the measuring tape and your dog's neck.
  • Take note of the measurement in inches or centimeters.
Chest Measurement:
  • Find the widest or largest part of your dog's chest, usually just behind the front legs.
  • Wrap the measuring tape around this part of the chest.
  • Keep the tape snug but not too tight.
  • Take note of the measurement in inches or centimeters.
Determine the Appropriate Size:
  • Compare the measurements you obtained for the neck and chest with the size chart provided by PAWSQUAD.
  • Typically, you should choose a harness size that matches or is slightly larger than your dog's measurements. Avoid going smaller than the measurements to ensure a comfortable fit for your furry friend.
Take Your Dog's Breed and Body Shape into Account:
  • Some harnesses are designed specifically for certain dog breeds or body shapes. Consider your dog's breed or body type when selecting a harness to ensure the best fit and comfort.
  • Think about their age if they are a puppy and look for harness that is adjustable for when they grow.
Test the Fit:
  • Once you have the harness, put it on your dog and check for proper fit.
  • The harness should not be too loose, as it may slip off or cause discomfort. Neither should it be too tight, as this can restrict your dog's movement and cause chafing.
  • Make sure you can fit two fingers between the harness and your dog's body for a good balance between snugness and comfort.

By following these steps, you'll be able to find the right harness size for your dog, ensuring they stay comfortable, safe, and secure during walks or any other activities.

Remember that different harness features and type may have slightly different sizing guidelines, so always check the specific style of size chart for the harness you're interested in.

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Basics Dog Harness | Easy-to-Wear with 4 Buckles

The dog harness for walking!

Makes taking your pet for a walk easier and faster than ever. It is not only machine washable but also ensures the material remains rust-free.

Our basics harness can be purchased in pairs in the dog harness or leash set, or just by itself. Our adjustable dog harness is made to fit all breeds and sizes.
Don't need to trust us! Listen to our dog mama's worldwide!

  • Easy-to-Wear: Quick-release buckles for hassle-free wearing, no need to go over the dog's head.
  • No Pull Feature: Front D-ring encourages dogs not to pull by redirecting them to face you.
  • 4 Buckles & Adjustable: Four-way adjustable strap for a perfect fit from puppy to standard size.
  • Emergency Straps: Soft handle on the back for training, guiding, and easy pick-up.
  • Car Ride Safety: Helps keep the dog secure in the car and prevents yanking on the neck.
  • Breathable Mesh Material: Provides comfort and keeps the dog cool during walks.
  • Secure Fit: Heavy-duty construction ensures a snug and safe fit.
  • Stylish Design: Walk your pup in style with the Basics Harness.
  • These features make Basics Harness a convenient and comfortable choice for taking your pet on walks.
Size XS, S, M, L Measuring before buying is very important. When properly adjusted, your two fingers should fit between the fur and strap.
Colour Butter, Lilac, Black
Pet Made for dogs & cats
Material Sturdy Plastic Buckle, Nylon, Wear-resistant Oxford Surface, Breathable Air Mesh with Soft Padded Cushion, Soft Padded Handle at the back, Durable Zinc Alloy Coasted Plastic Colour D-Ring


One of the most loved features of the Basics Dog Harness is its handy handle. Safety comes first!

Dog harness Safety Harness

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Why PAWSQUAD Stands Out as Australia's Premier Harness Choice?

PAWSQUAD takes pride in crafting harnesses that stand out for all the right reasons. When you choose a PAWSQUAD harness, you can expect:

1. Tailored Perfection: Rest assured, your dog's comfort is paramount. Our harnesses are meticulously designed to provide a snug yet comfortable fit, eliminating concerns about tight cinches or slipping incidents during walks.

2. Effortless Simplicity: We believe in hassle-free outings. PAWSQUAD harnesses are thoughtfully engineered for easy use, ensuring you won't struggle with complicated adjustments before your neighbourhood stroll.

3. Versatile Adjustability: Worried about sizing? Our harnesses alleviate those concerns with their full adjustability, accommodating dogs of all shapes and sizes without compromise.

4. Canine Couture: We understand the desire to have your furry companion looking their best. That's why we infuse style into our harness designs, ensuring your pup steps out in subtle, fashionable flair.

5. Blissful Comfort: Witnessing dogs in distress is heartbreaking. That's precisely why we've crafted a line of our basics harnesses collection that offer protection without discomfort or choking hazards.

6. Featherweight Construction: Bid farewell to cumbersome collars and safety restraints. PAWSQUAD harnesses are featherlight, ensuring your furry friend moves freely and unburdened.

7. Top-Notch Ratings: Confused about which harness to choose? Don't just take our word for it. Explore the rave reviews and top ratings our dog harnesses and accessories have garnered from satisfied customers.

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