About Us

Hello Hoomans & Furry Pals!
Welcome to PAWSQUAD!

I'm Pink, and the heartbeat behind PAWSQUAD is my delightful (and occasionally mischievous) son, Muzic the Boston Terrier. His zest for life and cheeky antics played muse to this venture.

What We Offer: Why PAWSQUAD?

PAWSQUAD stands for top-notch pet products. We present community-approved products, insightful content, and unparalleled customer service, prioritising your pet's well-being and your contentment.

Our love for chic, practical, and affordable pet accessories had to be shared! But we didn't just want to be another pet shop. Sustainability stands at the core of our ethos, influencing everything from product selection to packaging and shipping.

Every breed has unique needs, and PAWSQUAD understands this. That's why we prioritize products that are not only stylish but also breed-specific and sustainable. We ensure that each offering is vet-approved, balancing aesthetics with functionality.

Our Story: Guided by Canine Love

The seeds for PAWSQUAD were sown in 2018 by Muzic and me. The mission? To cater to the unique needs of every pet breed, wrapped in style.

Our Mission: Our Drive

Our mission is simple yet profound: enhancing every pet's life. With products that fuse innovation with style, we are here to accompany every step of your pet-parenting journey.

Our Promise: The PAWSQUAD Gold Standard

We're not just selling products; we're promising quality. Only community-approved, sustainable products make the cut, reflecting our commitment to your pet and the planet.

Our Vision: Pet Products, Upgraded

Join us in reshaping pet care. From our curated product lineup to our green initiatives, PAWSQUAD is here to make a difference.

Our Values:

  • Stylish: Pet accessories that turn heads.
  • Sustainable: Planet-friendly choices, always.
  • Sincere: Genuine care behind every product.
  • Supportive: Always here for your pet needs.

Thank You

    We're ecstatic that you've joined our journey. If you've read this far, know that we're grateful. We're not just a brand; we're a community of pet lovers.


    Warm Licks and Grateful Wags,

    Pink, Muzic, and the PAWSQUAD Team