Effortless style, perfect fit, and ultimate convenience for your pet's walks.


Step-on harnesses are designed with a unique mechanism that allows you to secure the harness onto your dog by simply stepping on it.

Then you tighten with the velcro to suit the size of your pet's body.

The harness wraps around your dog's body like a vest and automatically fastens in place, eliminating the need for complicated buckles or clips.

Absolutely! Step-on harnesses are known for their ease of use.

Putting the harness on your dog is as simple as stepping on it and securing it in place.

Taking it off is just as effortless. This makes it a convenient option, especially for dogs that may be anxious or wiggly during harnessing.

More than any other harness! Step-on harnesses are designed to be secure and provide a snug fit for your dog.

They have adjustable straps that allow you to customise the fit to your dog's size and shape, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

While step-on harnesses are primarily designed for puppy and kitten. There may be specific models available that are suitable for all cats or other small pets.

It's essential to check the product specifications and guidelines to determine if a particular step-on harness is appropriate for your cat or other pets.