Pretty Fluffy | Holiday Gift Guide - Lick Mat

Pretty Fluffy | Holiday Gift Guide

We would like to thanks Pretty Fluffy for adding our Lick Mat to their Holiday Gift Guide: 16 Christmas Gifts for Dogs 2022


Dog Guide - Pretty Fluffy

Paw Squad Lick Mat Enrichment & Slow Feeder

Your dog is cute as heck – and so are these adorable and stylish lick mats!

Lick mats have fast become a favourite dog enrichment toy and it’s easy to see why. Whenever your pup is home alone, feeling anxious or needs entertainment and stimulation, simply spread a soft treat across the surface of the mat (such as peanut butter, yoghurt or scrambled eggs). The licking will then soothe and calm your dog in the tastiest way possible.

A practical and yummy Christmas gift for dogs – what’s not to love?

$17.50 AUD. Ships worldwide.

We love their content and we would like to share their latest blogs with our SQUAD. 

21 Must-See Movies About A Dog (With Trailers)

This is such a great blog for pet parents to spend quality time with their dogs. Like us during New Years Eve, we were binge watching so many Netflix films and get to cuddle our little fur babies to get through 2023 together. 

With this list, I have another good excuse to cancel some social plans and stay in with my dog.

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