5 Benefits of Elevated Pet Bowl

5 Benefits of Elevated Pet Bowl

When you have a pet, it is vital to make sure that they are comfortable and safe. One way to keep your dog or cat happy is by providing them with an elevated pet bowl. Elevated pet bowls may seem like a luxury, but they are actually better for your pets.

Elevated bowls hold water and food better than traditional bowls because they protect water and food from spilling out when your dog or cat drinks or eats from it. Elevated pet bowls come in various styles and colors, so you can find one that suits your home decor perfectly.

By using this blog post as a resource for finding elevated pet bowls, you will be able to provide one for your furry companions while keeping them healthy at the same time.

Top Five Benefits Of Elevated Pet Bowls

1.     Maintain better posture

The elevated position of bowl reduces strain on the neck and back. This can be especially beneficial for older or larger pets as it puts less stress on their joints when they bend down, which often leads to damage to joints. The dogs will eat more easily and without stress from the elevated food bowl. This means a better posture, less curves in the spine, and improvement in stance.

2.     Slowdowns fast eaters

Elevated food bowls also promote healthy eating habits by allowing your pet to eat at an angle instead of straight down from the bowl surface. This prevents your dog or cat from gulping down his or her entire meal in one sitting, which can lead to bloating and indigestion issues later on. Vets are also recommending cat owners switch to elevated food bowls to prevent indigestion.

3.     Less mess around the bowls

Just like humans, pets can get messy when they eat. Elevating your pet's bowls is a great way to keep the feeding area clean and easy for you. Elevated food means less messes, too! As your pet won't be able to spill or push his bowl around when it is placed in an elevated position.

4.     Prevent them from Lying down

If you notice that your dog or cat is lying down when they eat, this could indicate how high their bowls should be. Laying in a more relaxed position and eating causes problems with digestion because the body needs time to break down food before it can fully enjoy its nutrients. Elevating our pets' bowls will make them feel comfortable, which helps improve digestion rates.

5.     Helps improve digestion

When your pet stands, the food goes down better. This helps digestion and movement of nutrients through their body. The more upright they are while eating like us, the easier it is for your pet's digestive system to get work done efficiently so all parts can reap benefits from what they eat.

Best Elevated Pet Bowls For Your Dog And Cats

Pet bowls are available in different sizes and shapes, but you can find the perfect Food and water bowls at PAWSQUAD. Here is their best collection for your pets.

Chubby Pet Bowls

Get the perfect pet bowl for your dog or cat with this high-quality ceramic and elevated stand. This durable, sleek design pawduct will keep them fed and hydrated while keeping you stylish in your home! The dishwasher-safe bowls are easy to clean without any residue left behind. It is specially designed so that messy eaters can enjoy it too.

Key features

  • Excellent for messy eaters
  • No chances of a slip because of the sturdy holder
  • Perfect height for eating position
  • Double bowls are perfect for multiple pets


Personalised Bowl

Personalised Chubby Pet Bowls

This is the perfect gift for any cat or dog pawrent. They'll be so excited to see their name on an adorable pet bowl, and they will be happy that it's dishwasher safe. It's best for messy eaters. You can make these bowls personalised by selecting ten characters for each bowl. The font will be written in black colour.

Key Features

  • Lipped Design
  • Personalised food bowl colour and name
  • Non-slip bowls
  • Perfect height for comfortable feeding
  • Best for multiple pets

Elevated pet bowls are specially designed to make eating more accessible and more comfortable for pets of all breeds and sizes, but they also tend to slow down fast eating times too. These elevated pet dishes come with many benefits that will help keep your furry friend happier at mealtime.


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