How to Make Easy DIY Halloween Dog Costumes

How to Make Easy DIY Halloween Dog Costumes 


The best way to make your dog feel like a part of the festivities is to dress them up in a costume!

Every year, pet owners go out and search for the perfect costume for their furry friends. But what about those pets who don't have a costume? 

It's never too early to start planning your pet's costume, and it can be as easy as using household items. 

Here are EASY DIY Halloween dog costume that you can try out at home!

1. Find a long, rectangular piece of cloth (like an old pillow case for puppies or any cloth)

2. Cut two holes for your pet's head at either end of the cloth, about 4 inches from the top edge with one hole on each side of the material

3. Tie a knot at the end of each head hole, so your pet's head is surrounded by a loop that will prevent it from slipping down into its body.

4. Put your dog in the center of the cloth and tie one end behind its neck and around their body

5. Add the dog's front paws and back feet to the cloth, tying each one separately so it has a little more mobility

6. Make two (or three for their nose) holes for your pet's eyes on either side of the head loop and tie them in place with a ribbon or string so that your pet can see through either eye, and TADA!

 Dog Halloween Dress as Ghost

 You can also DIY your own costume to match your doggos!

Matching Ghost Halloween with Dog

Do you have any other ideas for how to dress up your pup for Halloween?

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